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How to maximize your profit margins 
and develop a competitive pricing strategy

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Free Pricing eBook on how to maximize your profit margins and develop a competitive pricing strategy

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It has some great insights on a variety of topics that will help you maximize profit margins:

1. Why pricing is important to maximize profit margins
We look at the importance of pricing for your business and the options available to improve your business profitability.

2. Current pricing practice
We discuss the approach to pricing, its pros and cons, as well as the effect on profit margins.

3. Pricing tools and profit margins
We examine the different pricing tools on the market and explain what distinguishes them, especially when it comes to their effect on profit margins.

4. Customer value-based pricing to maximize profit margins
We dive deeper into an approach which positions customers at the core of the pricing decision process.

5. Why Bubo.AI – your choice to maximize profit margins
We share an overview of our 3D engagement plan with our customers.

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Profit is one of the main indicators of business health and ability to survive in the long term. However, it is one of the most difficult key metrics to manage successfully and consistently. A dynamic price capability and intelligent pricing strategy is the most effective way for you to increase your profits.

Bubo.AI is the only AI-driven solution for a customer value-based pricing strategy for wholesalers and distributors. It uses price recommendation and continuous price optimization models designed to handle complexity and scale.

Use Bubo.AI to track customer behaviour over time and align opimization models to offer the perfect price based on your customer’s willingness to pay (WTP) and your willingness to accept (WTA), helping you to achieve your profit targets quickly.

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 Our Bubo.AI dbx tool enables you to control unmanageable discount rules, while Bubo.AI cbx supports you in predicting and preventing customer churn.

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This Bubo.AI eBook helps you maximize profit margins.

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