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Why Bubo.AI for Value-Based 
AI Price Optimization?

Bubo.AI is the leading AI solution for Customer Value-Based Pricing

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What makes Bubo.AI Price Optimizationdifferent?

The leading Customer Value-Based Pricing Model

Our leading-edge cloud technology and advanced analytics approach enable you to unlock the power of customer value-based pricing in your business. Blended into the core business processes, Bubo.AI supports developing strategic direction and agile, tactical pricing optimization for each product/customer combination. Work with us to transform your pricing processes through defining a clear customer value-based pricing strategy and implementing workflows that are tailored to your specific requirements.

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Pricing recommendations

Bubo.AI’s price optimization technology delivers customer value-based pricing that auto optimizes prices based on demand and market changes. Achieve over 20% net profit improvement compared to alternative pricing options.

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True AI pricing

Use advanced value-based pricing software to automate optimization of your pricing strategies to meet growing demand on a huge scale. Our machine learning algorithm finds the perfect price a customer is willing to pay, facilitating faster buying decisions and creating price transparency.

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Driving the research agenda

Our strong collaboration links with academia enable us to deliver leading-edge technology based on comprehensive research and studies, particularly in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

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Data Capability/Competency Framework

Assess and measure your business’ data capability/competency before the AI-driven project starts. Identify what data is required to improve it and put a robust plan in place to improve it as the project progresses.

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AI technology and pricing expertise

We support you throughout the whole process to unlock your profit opportunity. Bubo.AI offers leading-edge customer value-based pricing technologies and advanced analytics based on an AI framework, accompanied with guided implementation and upskilling your team to unlock full profit value and traceability.

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Wholesale and distribution specialists

As one of the leading companies using value-based pricing software, our ground-breaking technology is designed specifically for your business requirements and is changing the way that wholesalers and distributors achieve pricing optimization – in a way that can keep up with the growing demand of the market.

Leading edge technology

Bubo.AI predicts and recommends the perfect price consumers are willing to pay for your product, based on our pioneering approach to customer value-driven pricing.

We use the latest AI and machine learning technology coupled with leading cloud computing to deliver a dynamic, pricing optimization solution that can cope with complex pricing calculations at scale.

We work closely with academia and universities to drive the pricing research agenda and develop forward-thinking pricing solutions based on the latest Artificial Intelligence and machine learning research available.

“Our technology is so advanced compared to existing pricing solutions we know it sounds too good to be true. To prove how confident we are in at how powerful the Bubo.AI technology really is, we offer our proof of concept at either a fixed fee or for free, charging only a percentage of your profits achieved.”

Alan Timothy, CEO

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Take new approach to price optimization

The leading customer value-based pricing engine

Pricing has previously appeared like a dark art, largely managed using manual tools such as spreadsheets which are not designed for purpose and limited in scale. Our ground-breaking technology is changing the way that wholesalers and distributors can automate optimization, resulting in a Customer Value-Based Pricing strategy that improves net profit and gross margins.

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Source: Bubo.AI internal documentation and research

Price optimization provides one of the largest opportunities to positively influence profits

"85% of B2B decision makers believe that their pricing decisions can be improved"
Bain & Company, Global survey of 1700 B2B companies, 2018
"... but only 5% of companies have applied pricing innovation to their organization"
Andreas Hinterhuber, Is innovation in pricing your next source of competitive advantage?

Research proves that optimizing your pricing provides one of the largest opportunities to positively influence your company’s profit and revenue management. Smart customer value-based pricing is the most effective way to increase your profits.

Traditional approaches such as cost plus pricing don’t take a customer’s value perception of products or services into account. Competitor-based pricing always puts your business at the mercy of price sensitivities in the market and is often the quickest route to price erosion.

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