Automotive Supplies

Automotive Supplies

More Profit for Automotive Supplies with AI-Powered Pricing

The automotive supply chain for manufacturing of cars, trucks and other vehicles is one of the most complex in the world. Not only that, it’s becoming more global, which adds its own challenges. As a result, automotive distributors, motor factors, auto parts stockists, whether online or physical retail store are facing some unique challenges.

It’s not just globalization that creates difficulties for automotive distributors, though. Unmanageable discount rules or customers being taken by competitors all add to the complexities of running a successful motor parts business

Of course, both internal and external factors require automotive parts stockists and distributors to manage costs and optimise customer retention, and to achieve that more businesses are choosing our AI-based analytics tools.

Taking control of discounts

With hundreds of thousands of automotive parts and what sometimes seems like as many discount rules, keeping control of your profit it virtually impossible using spreadsheets. It has been shown that a 2% increase in price – achieved by eliminating unnecessary discounting –  is more effective than a 10% uplift in sales in terms of improving your bottom line. In fact, our dbx increases your gross margins by 3% or more simply by getting control of your unmanageable discount rules.

Manage customer churn

Part of the reason why preventing customers leaving is not a priority for most automotive suppliers is because is not that easy to do. First, there is limited visibility of when a customer may leave until it is too late. And second, the current methods to identify when someone may leave causes too many false alerts as they are based purely on revenue.

Pre-written churn tools such as our cbx identifies the probability of a customer churning up to 12 weeks out, allowing time to react. It even gives your valuable information on products and underlying data to use in your response. It’s gives you the best chance of keeping your customers, which, according to Bain & Company, a 5% increase in customer retention results in more than a 25% increase in profit.


5% increase in customer retention increases profit by 25%


It costs 5X times more to attract a new customer than keep an old one


A 2% increase in customer retention is the same as decreasing cost by 10%.

With our pricing and customer insight software your business is on the path to achieving world beating results.

Full customer-value based pricing with the enterprise solution.

For builders merchants, and all businsses for that matter, profit is one of the main indicators of an organisations health and ability to thrive in the long term. However, profit is one of the most difficult key metrics to manage successfully and consistently. is the only user-friendly AI-driven solution for a customer value-based pricing strategy for wholesalers, distributors and merchants of building products. Bubo.AI dbx and cbs use price recommendation and continuous price optimisation models designed to handle complexity and scale.

Use Bubo.AI to track customer behaviour over time and align opimisation models to offer the perfect price based on your customer’s willingness to pay (WTP) and your willingness to accept (WTA), helping you to achieve your profit targets quickly.

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