Food Service Supplies

Food Service Supplies

More Profit for Food Service Supplies with AI-Powered Pricing

Food distribution is becoming a faster, more dynamic environment. New products, price promotions and seasonal demand all add to the complexity faced by food distributors and wholesalers. Added to this is supply chain shifts and ensuring that key ingredients are delivered on time. Not only due to hotels, restaurants, and catering companies having gone through exceptional challenges during the covid pandemic, competition in the food sector can be intense, which means running an efficient, responsive business requires advanced analytics.

Know your discounts

When you are running a fast-paced business like food distribution, it’s easy to miss the bigger picture. Take for instance profit, and here it has been shown that a 2% increase in price is more effective than a 10% uplift in sales. One of the easiest methods of securing a price increase is to know your discount rules; a food distributor or wholesaler with 30,000 customers and 30,000 product lines would be faced with just under a billion potential discount/price combinations. Discount rules on this scale are simply unmanageable at best, chaotic and worse. Our dbx is designed to tame your unmanageable discount rules and deliver results directly to your bottom line. 

Retaining customers for growth

Around one in ten customers are lost by distribution businesses each year. It’s a process that happens all the time although few understand the actual cost of this customer churn/loss. Pre-written churn tools such as cbx can identify the probability of a customer churning up to 12 weeks out, allowing time to react. They can supply additional information on products and underlying data to use in the response.

With our pricing and customer insight software your business is on the path to achieving world beating results.

Full customer-value based pricing with the enterprise solution.

For builders merchants, and all businsses for that matter, profit is one of the main indicators of an organisations health and ability to thrive in the long term. However, profit is one of the most difficult key metrics to manage successfully and consistently. is the only user-friendly AI-driven solution for a customer value-based pricing strategy for wholesalers, distributors and merchants of building products. Bubo.AI dbx and cbs use price recommendation and continuous price optimisation models designed to handle complexity and scale.

Use Bubo.AI to track customer behaviour over time and align opimisation models to offer the perfect price based on your customer’s willingness to pay (WTP) and your willingness to accept (WTA), helping you to achieve your profit targets quickly.

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