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specifically for Builders’ Merchants

With rising raw material costs and pressure on builders’ merchants to remain competitive, it’s never been more important to harness the power of analytics. is a market leader in advanced analytical software that helps building product distributors digitize their customer transactions and deliver consistent profitable growth.

Most builders’ merchants still use spreadsheets to manage customers. In today’s fast-paced environment, this is no longer practical when builders’ merchants have thousands of customer transactions and nearly as many discount rules.

Our discount management tool dbx and our customer churn predictor cbx  are the best ways of turbo charging your business by growing your customer base and profitability. With the help of AI, builders’ merchants are now able to fine tune their discounts, predict customer churn, and even opt for full customer-value based pricing for builders’ merchants.

Unlock the full potential of your business by capturing and interpreting data that already exists.

Control discounts

Imagine what your merchant branches could achieve by using technology such as dbx to capture, interpret and manage all transaction data and discount rules, allowing you to optimise profit on every customer purchase. The profit potential from that is staggering and the reason why we are working with more builders’ merchant businesses.

Bubo.AI dbx helps you eliminate up to 95% of your discount rules – which are costing you money – and optimise profit on every customer purchase. There are few better ways to grow your bottom line.

Discover more about how dbx can help builders’ merchants and building product distributors.

Manage customer churn

With 1 in 10 customers lost each year by the average builders’ merchant – costing you sales, revenue and profit – anything you can do to identify these movers in advance is going to help your branch network grow. cbx is designed to do exactly that by giving you up to 12 weeks’ notice before a customer churns, so allowing your sales team to make an early intervention.

Stop guessing and rely on AI-powered knowledge.

Here’s why advanced notice of churn is so important:



5% increase in customer retention increases profit by 25%


It costs 5X times more to attract a new customer than keep an old one


A 2% increase in customer retention is the same as decreasing cost by 10%.

With our pricing and customer insight software your business is on the path to achieving world beating results.

Full customer-value based pricing with the enterprise solution.

For builders merchants, and all businsses for that matter, profit is one of the main indicators of an organisations health and ability to thrive in the long term. However, profit is one of the most difficult key metrics to manage successfully and consistently. is the only user-friendly AI-driven solution for a customer value-based pricing strategy for wholesalers, distributors and merchants of building products. Bubo.AI dbx and cbs use price recommendation and continuous price optimisation models designed to handle complexity and scale.

Use Bubo.AI to track customer behaviour over time and align opimisation models to offer the perfect price based on your customer’s willingness to pay (WTP) and your willingness to accept (WTA), helping you to achieve your profit targets quickly.

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