Unveiling Bubo.AI dbx

Unveiling Bubo.AI dbx

Unveiling Bubo.AI dbx Using the power of AI to simplify discount rules and improve gross margin.

Experience what it feels like be back in control of complex, unmanageable discount structures

Merchants Operate on Tight Margins

Building materials. Plumbing Material, Electrical Materials. Car parts. Stationery supplies.

Whatever the product: Distributors operate on low margins (below 5%).

Too many unmanageable discount rules is a key reason.

Bubo.AI dbx was created to improve the Gross Margin of Merchants.

Too Many Rules, Too Many Problems

"Too many discount rules reduce profit."
"There are too many discount rules and we can’t keep them in order."
"Some sales do not follow discount rules, for example special orders."
"Removing old discount rules is time consuming."
"We know discount rules cost us money but we can’t manage them."
"We don’t have visibility of which rules we are using."
"We have thousands of discount rules…they are simply unmanageable."
In short: We cannot see the tree because we are in a forest!

Bubo.AI dbx helps you tame unmanageable discount rules.

Taking Back Control


How your discount rules normally look like


How discount rules look after your consultant has gone through them


How discount rules look after Bubo.AI dbx has sorted the relevant from the irrelevant


How discount rules perform with Bubo.AI dbx

How Bubo.AI dbx brings you visibility

Bubo.AI dbx gives you a convenient dashboard:


  • Pricing file showing Fair v Unfair rules
  • Ability to selected updated discount rules
  • Every recommendation comes with the reason


  • Identify the performance of branch and sales staff
  • Identify which customers are treating you unfairly
  • Identify which products are incorrectly priced
lego dash

Bubo.AI dbx comes with a convenient dashboard and helps you take back control over your discount bands.

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