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Academia and Universities

We are partnering with academia and universities to drive the pricing insights’ research agenda.

As part of our research and the development of Bubo.AI, we discovered there were very few research articles on the crucial subject of pricing optimization. This is something that we’re working hard to rectify through our strong partnerships. Our goal is to create relevant research publications that provide both information and clarity on the topic of pricing.

Our strong links with academia and universities enable us to deliver leading-edge, technology-based research and studies, particularly in the fields of AI and machine learning.

Academic Partners

Academic Conferences

We work closely with the following academic conference partners to raise the pricing agenda:

ICAAI 2020

AI conference

EAIT 2020

AI conference


Cloud and Big Data Computing conference

CDL Partners


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Other partners

We work with partners to promote the use of AI and to enable businesses to benefit from the latest academic insights. Our specialized training partners support you in developing your pricing functions and building capacities.

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